I’m learning what the gospel is these days. Does it sound strange that I as a pastor am learning “gospel” ? As you know well, we christians regard the gospel as the basic message of the Bible, which is telling about Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection. Of course gospel is telling about them. But, we have to know gospel is by far deeper than we think.

Gospel is the key to everything, not only our christian lives but also church ministry. When I reflect on my church ministry, I found there were many weak points because of failing to apply thn gospel to these points.

Firstly, I can point out “team work”. Team work can be very beautiful when it works well, but it can be very destructive when it doesn’t work. 

We are working as a team ministry. Two Japanese and two Korean pastors are struggling so that they can work better.But when we can’t respect each talent and ability, we tend to blame and complain each other. Even though difference is needed for us to work in various ways, some times I couldn’t tolerate co-workers ministry style. I think I’m proving myself to be hypocritical. When I feel superior to others concerning my ability of ministry, I tend to be critical to other co-workers. I found this is a kind of “self-righteousness”. I often became critical judging others’ ministry. God has given each worker various talents so that they could glorify Him in various ways. But I, opposed to God’s will, often judged others showing off my ability of evangelism, communication and teaching Bible. I found this idea my sins to repent of from the heart. Respecting each differenct part of Christ’s body is the core value of church.


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