I told religion would change one’s behavior, but gospel could change one’s motivation. However, when we talk about deeds and motivation, we have an issue to be cautious. 

One of my church member is very honest and he does his best to complete his assigned work. One day he found he was doing his work even though he was not willing to do. Since he learned if he did anything without willingness to do so, it is hypocritical like Pharisees, he thought it was better for him to quit his volunteer work than to continue it. 

Pharisees lived religious life even though they didn’t love Jesus trully. Jesus told them to stop their hypocracy. Then if some church member is worrying about whether to continue his volunteer work or not, should he quit his work because he is not willing to continue his work ? 

This issue can be applied to both my individual life and church ministry. Sometimes I’m not willing to preach on Sunday because of spiritual depression. Of course I have to preach without willingness, is that hypocritical ?

I don’t think so.If we avoid to be hypocritical by not doing unwilling works, we may become enslaved by emotion and feeling.

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